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Cooked and Raw Beeng Cha Bundle

Canton's specially commissioned raw and cooked puerh.

Special Offer: Save 30% - was £15, now £10.50

An ideal entry level bundle for those keen to discover the difference between a raw and a cooked puerh. You'll savour the deeply smoky, earthiness of the cooked puerh and experience the brighter notes of raw puerh (or leave it to age, allowing depth and complexity to develop).

Try using the traditional gongfu style of brewing to get the most out of your tea. Use a small teapot with 3-4g of tea and near boiling water, infuse for 30 seconds and pour. Repeat at least six times.

'Beeng' roughly translates as 'cake', alluding to the round flat shape that the puerh is formed into, for easier transportation and storage.

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GBP £ 10.50

Cooked and Raw Beeng Cha Bundle


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Here's a little more about each cake.

Cooked Mini Beeng Cha

Pressed from cooked tea harvested in 2007 and fermented for 48 days, the cake has already mellowed slightly with age and is smooth to the taste with all the sweet, earthy notes you would expect from a high quality cooked puerh.

Raw Mini Beeng Cha

Made from autumn raw material from the famous Yi Wu mountain, the cake has the classic flavours of good raw puerh: bright and mildly astringent with a nice lively mouthfeel. As it ages, the flavour will become softer, smoother, deeper and sweeter with every year.

Country China
Puerh Type Beeng Cha (cake)