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Canton Raw Mini Beeng Cha

Canton's specially commissioned, very accessible raw puerh.

Special Offer: Save 25% - 50g was £7.50, now £5.60

This is a good quality 100g cake which makes a great entry level choice. It's easy-drinking and accessibly-priced for every day consumption. Made from autumn raw material from the famous Yi Wu mountain, the cake has the classic flavours of good raw puerh: bright and mildly astringent with a nice lively mouthfeel. As it ages, the flavour will become softer, smoother, deeper and sweeter with every year.

Specially commissioned by Canton and good enough to carry our mark, this is our House raw puerh

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GBP £ 5.60
£0.09 per serving

*Based on a 5g serving, infused 4 times

Canton Raw Mini Beeng Cha

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  • Canton Raw Puerh tea Mini Beeng Cha
  • Canton Raw Puerh tea Mini Beeng Cha
  • Canton Raw Puerh tea Mini Beeng Cha

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Excellent product


/ 5

Have only just started exploring pu'erh but I must sat have really enjoyed this and has only raised my interest in exploring pu'erh tea even further.

Canton Raw Mini Beeng Cha

Great value for money


/ 5

I this is a really good entry level puerh for anyone interested in entering the world of puerh, but who doesn't want to spend a lot of money. I have been drinking puerh for a few years now and thought I would try this one out as previous Canton own brand puerhs have been exceptional, I think it's a great everyday tea and I highly recommend it. I plan to buy a few to give as presents to friends.

Canton Raw Mini Beeng Cha
Rated 5/5 based on 2 reviews

Learn More

Chinese Name 易武正山生普洱饼茶
Country China
Year of Production 2012
Harvesting Area Yi Wu Mountains of Mengla county, Xishuangbanna prefecture, Yunnan
Puerh Type Beeng Cha (cake)
Style Raw (Sheng)
Weight 100g
Harvest Date Autumn 2012
Varietal Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica
Leaf Appearance Dark green/green leaves with stems, some coarse leaves and few tips
Aroma Fruit, spice and grass
Liquor Golden yellow
Tasting Notes Bright with mineral notes, a good astringency and a herbal tang
Quick Brewing Instructions Use the gongfu style. A small teapot (or small amount of water) with 3-4 g of tea and hot water: 95°C (203°F) infused for just 20 secs. Reinfuse at least 6 times.

Read more about Puerh Tea in Canton Tea School.

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