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Jennifer and Alice meet the renowned potter who makes our wonderful Yixing teapots

Alice and Jennifer in China: Guangzhou and the Yixing Master

by on May 2nd, 2013

Over the coming days we will be posting lots of photos and details from our spring tea trip to China. We are back in the UK, jetlagged and culture-shocked. And here's what we did....

Ali (Canton's Tea Buyer) and I (Jennifer Wood, Canton Director) started our 3 ½ weeks in China in an unseasonably cold, rainy Guangzhou (old Canton). Just a couple of hours by train from Hong Kong, it is an unlovely sprawling mega city, the 3rd largest in China with about 16 million people and still growing. Concrete residential buildings are bursting up full of cracks and holes so they are referred to as 'tofu' and fall apart quickly... Read more

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This fantastic Sushi restaurant group is now serving our Flowering Tea and Dragon Well

Welcome Feng Sushi

by on March 19th, 2013

We're delighted to introduce Feng Sushi as a new trade partner.  Winner of the Innovation Award at the 2013 Sustainable Restaurant Association Awards, this lively restaurant group serves fresh modern and traditional Japanese food. Eight London locations include the Southbank Centre, Kensington Church Street and Borough Market. 

Can you do this in a tea bag?

Founder of Feng Sushi, Silla Bjerrum loves our Dragon Well but wanted to move from loose leaf to one of our biodegradable cornstarch pyramid teabags. So we created the Dragon Well (Long Jing) Pyramid Teabag just for them - but it is now available for all. In a busy restaurant the pyramids make serving tea very easy - and disposing of the leaves... Read more

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Director Jennifer makes a star appearance tasting Chinese Food.

‘Distinguished guest’ on Ramsay’s Best Restaurant

by on October 6th, 2010

Last month I was invited to lunch at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Chelsea's Hospital Bridge Road for the TV series Ramsay's Best Restaurant. Described as his 'distinguished guests'  for the final challenge in the Chinese category, we had to choose between the Michelin-starred Kai in Mayfair and the family-run Yu & You in Blackburn.

They both cooked us beef and they were both, naturally, outstanding. In our 15 seconds or so of airtime, Barney (my partner) pronounced the Yu & You dish more authentic and I said it melted in the mouth. Not the most original words, but happily repeated later by Gordon who declared Yu & You the winners.  They... Read more

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Canton Tea Co: As seen on TV.

Starring role for Canton’s Yixing teapots in BBC Sherlock

by on August 13th, 2010

A few months ago the production team for Sherlock (the new BBC series) approached us for some authentic Chinese teaware including yixing teapots that would comfortably pass for priceless museum artefacts. The star of the piece was our Shi Piao yixing teapot, ably supported by our bamboo tea accessories all used so tenderly by the beautiful but tragic Chinese heroine in her role as a Tea Master.

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Iced tea on a hot day

by on May 23rd, 2010

Essential Iced Tea recipes.

Two of my favourites.

Bai Lin Gong Fu Black Tea: add a slice of fresh root ginger and a teaspoon of honey.

Pouchong Green Tea: a dash of apricot juice and a touch of honey - go easy on both.

Cool in the fridge and serve with ice.  A great way to get children drinking tea not juice.

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A virtuous indulgence

by on May 18th, 2010

Great to get the fresh teas in late last week and spent the weekend steeped in the glorious stuff. It's like seasonal fruit and veg - what you don't have all year round you really look forward to - for me the Long Jing means spring has arrived. Brewed light and quick to get the sweetest, nuttiest notes and sipped at breakfast, its a virtuous indulgence. I savour the fresh cut-grass fragrance, the brilliant green liquor and the sweet aftertaste which lingers on my tongue. Then there's the subliminal sense of the liquid antioxidants coursing through you. A bonus that unlike sausages, means it might be as good for you... Read more

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