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Introducing the Yellow Sprig Dan Cong

by on June 29th, 2017

One of the real heroes of our 2017 Spring Limited Edition Collection is the Yellow Sprig Dan Cong, an oolong from the Phoenix Mountains with a long and fascinating history, which undergoes an extraordinary transformation from tea bush to cup.


The Yellow Sprig Dan Cong is a precious and amazingly flavoursome tea, which is why there was no question whether it would have a place in this year’s spring collection! While thousands of varieties of oolong exist, few compare when it comes to the Yellow Sprig’s intense flavours that assault the senses over and over.  Its tiny leaves are picked from just ten 200 year-old tea trees that grow on the... Read more

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First Flush Darjeeling by the Selimbong Estate

by on June 2nd, 2017

This year, our First Flush Darjeeling comes from the Selimbong estate. Ali, our head of tea, tells us why this tea is so important to us:


The Darjeeling First Flush is one of the most highly anticipated events in the whole of the tea calendar. As spring arrives in the Himalayas and the mountainsides thaw out, the tea bushes slowly come back to life and by early March there is a smattering of bright green buds and young leaves covering the fields. This is our precious first flush. It kicks off a Mexican wave of tea harvests which start at Darjeeling (and Nepal) and sweep East to Yunnan and Sichuan and... Read more

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Customer Spotlight: Pettigrew Tea Rooms

by on April 26th, 2017

The clocks have gone forward and spring is finally here- time to come out of hibernation and start enjoying the outdoors again! If you live in South Wales, you’ve no doubt spent a sunny afternoon wandering around Bute Park- a haven of luscious parkland in the heart of Cardiff, famous for its arboretum and architecture. It’s also home to Pettigrew Tea Rooms, a proud stockist of Canton Tea, which has called the West Lodge at the southern end its home since 2012.

I caught up with tearoom manager Regina, who told me that the unique location is one of Pettigrew’s selling points:


“David opened the Tea Rooms in March 2012, it was... Read more

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Interview with Beyond Bread

by on August 22nd, 2016

Last month, we were excited to add Beyond Bread to our expanding list of happy customers - a bakery in the heart of London where their goodies are fresh, satisfying and entirely gluten free.


While gluten free foods sometimes lack the excitement or variety of their traditional counterparts, what you get from Beyond Bread is something quite different. We spoke with Lana, a member of their dedicated  team to learn what Beyond Bread are all about and why they love Canton, before dropping by their new site in Islington for some tea training and to sample a sandwich or two!



Canton Tea: Tell us a little about Beyond Bread.

Lana: We are a... Read more

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Profile: Black Sheep Coffee

by on July 26th, 2016

Black Sheep Coffee is a small chain of London-based coffee shops that has become a bit of a talking point since they first launched in 2013. Lead by four young and passionate founders, with an aim to break away from all things mundane and every day, their shops are known for their inviting atmosphere and DIY aesthetic.


This summer, Black Sheep has added an exciting range of iced teas to their menu. And, never one to miss an opportunity to hear what our customers are up to, I spoke with Mithalee, their head chef, to find out more.





The ethos of Black Sheep Coffee is a prominent one, adorning... Read more

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