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Autumn Limited Edition Collection

by on November 6th, 2017

Canton Head of Tea, Ali shares her delight at launching our new Limited Edition Collection and reveals why she chose these 6 very special teas.


I am so pleased to introduce to you our final Limited Edition collection of 2017, and my personal favourite of the year. It features gorgeous teas picked during the summer and autumn, along with a couple of special spring teas that I just could not resist including.

In late summer and early autumn we look forward to the second flush in Assam and Darjeeling and new Wuyi Rock Oolongs come onto the market after a period of resting. The flavours are intense, dark and rich, a perfect match for the autumn winter season and a lovely contrast to the fresh, floral notes of tea harvested in the spring and summer.

Our most exciting addition to this collection is an extremely rare white tea from Laos. I believe it is the only Laos grown tea available in the UK, and as Canton Head of Tea, I’m just so pleased to introduce it.




Sticky Rice White by Ms. Phone.

White Tea

Picked in April 2017.

Paksong, Laos


Luxury tea is rarely grown in Laos, but this white tea fits the criteria. The finest buds are harvested from wild tea bushes, which grow alongside coffee plants. The buds are blended with native Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye herb AKA Sticky Rice Herb which gives the tea the distinctive aroma and flavour of sticky rice and coconut milk.



Obubu Roasted Stem Tea by Akky San

Green Tea

Picked in October 2017.

Wazuka, Japan


This is a unique green tea made using just the stems of the tea plant, which are roasted until golden brown. It has beautifully complex flavour notes that make it an incredibly special green tea. You can expect rich and balanced notes of chamomile, pecan and honey coating your mouth with every sip. The tea has also been made by our great friends at the pioneering Obubu Tea Gardens in Japan.



Wuyi Yellow Rose by Mao Deying

Oolong Tea

Picked in May 2017.

Wuyi, China


This is an incredible charcoal roasted Rock oolong made with the newly developed Huang Mei Gui cultivar. It is named after its deep and aromatic natural rose fragrance, and sweet, honeyed flavour notes. The golden liquor also releases delicate notes of jasmine, rose and grapefruit, which are offset against lingering roasted cocoa  flavours and an intensely mineral edge. This really is like no oolong you have tasted before, it is both perfectly strong and delicate in equal measure.



Dikom Assam Gold

Black Teale

Picked in June 2017.

Assam, India


A high quality tea can be measured by its abundance of golden buds and tips, and this Assam certainly doesn’t disappoint with its golden flecked leaves. This is a very special tea because of it’s rarity in nature. Dikom, one of the oldest tea gardens in India and widely considered to be the most beautiful garden in Assam; produces only tiny quantities of this SSTGFOP1 grade tea each year. 


2006 Lao Ban Zhang Raw Puerh

Puerh Tea

Picked in Autumn 2006.

Yunnan, China


Over the past 11 years, this tea has aged in Kunmig China and right here in the UK, where it has developed incredible flavours and aromas. For a puerh, it has a surprisingly stewed apple aroma and bright floral flavours. I could drink this tea all day long, but as we only have 300g of this tea left, i’m certain it’s going to be gone fast.



Korean Bamboo Leaf

Herbal Infusion

Picked in Spring 2017.

South Korea


Bamboo leaf is traditionally used in Chinese medicine and highly prized for its health benefits due to its high Silica content. However, I simply had to include this bamboo in our collection for its taste alone.  Its liquor is vegetal as expected, however it also has surprisingly sweet Horlicks-like malty notes. The flavour is so complex and intriguing, that, blind tasted, I would put it as an oolong, and not a herbal. For an unknown reason, bamboo leaf is still not widely consumed as a drink in the West, but I’m sure that when you try it, it will soon become your new caffeine-free favourite.