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Organic September: 5 Places to Enjoy Organic Tea

by on September 8th, 2017

Every year, the Soil Association shine light on going organic in September. When a tea is certified as organic, it means that is has been grown in controlled conditions where fewer pesticides and no artificial additives or preservatives are used in production. Additionally, the highest standards of animal welfare are met during farming and production, and no GM ingredients are at all present. To celebrate Organic September, we have compiled a list of 5 places where you can find and enjoy our organically certified tea.


1.Woodruffs Organic Cafe

At Britain’s first fully organic cafe, Woodruffs, you can pick up a pot of our organic Earl Grey. Our bespoke blend is made from high grade organic first flush Darjeeling from the Arya Estate, India. It can be beautifully brewed with or without milk, however when it’s without you can get a real taste of the organic bergamot oil, which has come straight from Sicily.


Delicious treats at Pinkman’s Bakery


2. Pinkman’s Bakery

Voted in the Top 25 Best Bakeries in the UK, Pinkman’s Bakery is the perfect place to pair up a warm cinnamon bun with our organic Rooibos. Grown wild in South Africa, Rooibos has a beautiful mix of deep fruit flavours.


3. Sushi and Robata

Our organic Matcha is authentic and high grade, coming directly from Kyushu Island in Japan. At Sushi and Robata, they utilise the rich green powder in a whole host of ways. From Matcha ice cream, to lattes and even as a salty dusting for their Prawn Tempura.


The cafe at Petersham’s Nurseries


4. Petersham’s Nurseries

With the turn of Autumn on the brink, our tastebuds are craving something warm and spicy. At Petersham’s, you can relax amongst soothing floral aromas and drink a cup of our organic Chai. This hand-mix blend includes purely organic ingredients: Assam tea shot through with green cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, cloves and black peppercorns.


At Bingham’s, you can spend the afternoon watching the boats bob by on the River Thames, and with a cup of organic Chamomile to hand. We sourced this year’s harvest from a farm in Croatia where the flowers are smaller, but packed with a higher concentration of essential oils.