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Summer Limited Edition Collection

by on August 3rd, 2017

Introducing our second limited edition collection of the year – the summer collection, featuring the very best teas harvested in May and June this year. May is one of my favourite times of the year for tea as this is when the season really kicks off on the islands of Taiwan and Japan- when the climate warms up enough for the tea bushes to awaken; the Jasmine harvest is also in full swing in China, so jasmine scented teas begin to appear on the market. We have some really special teas for you this summer- some classic, can’t live without favourites and one or two spectacular new treats that need to be tasted to be believed. And YES we have brought back Oriental Beauty after a hiatus of a few years to find the perfect one and we have to say- it really has been worth the wait! As ever these teas have been bought direct from the growers, in very small quantities- so if you like the sound of them don’t hand around.


Oriental Beauty from Mr. Deng

Hand-picked on 27th May 2017.

Batch size: 60 x 50g.

An extremely special Oriental Beauty from the best maker in Taiwan, Mr Deng- five time winner of the National Oriental Beauty Competition. This unique oolong is a ‘bug-bitten’ tea- meaning the leaves are only harvested after they have been nibbled by a small insect called a Jassid. This causes the leaves to slowly oxidise on the bush giving them a spicy, delicious ripe fruit flavour.

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Ali Shan Black by the Chiu Family

Hand-picked on 30th May 2017.

Batch size: 20 x 50g.

A rarely seen black tea from Ali Shan, Taiwan. The black tea industry all but disappeared in Taiwan by the 80’s; however recently farmers have started making small quantities of experimental blacks. Mr Chui uses Chin Shin Cultivar leaves, usually reserved for the highest quality oolongs and adapted oolong making techniques- this produces an astonishingly sweet tea with distinctive cinnamon notes.

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Li Shan by the Chang Family

Hand-picked on 15th May 2017.

Batch size: 80 x 50g.

Chiban tea garden is nestled high up in a steep valley on Li Shan (Li Mountain), an hour’s walk from the nearest road through pine forest. Li Shan is renowned for producing some of the best high mountain oolong in the world. The high altitude and sandy loam soil make conditions comparable to Darjeeling, producing sophisticated and delicate teas with distinctive floral notes.

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Ali Shan by the Chiu Family

Hand-picked on 30th May 2017.

Batch size: 80 x 50g.

Epin Tea Garden perches on the edge of the steep, areca palm lined slopes of Ali Shan (Ali Mountain). The balmy climate gives the Ali Shan oolongs a distinctive tropical fruit and flower flavour. The garden is truly a family venture run by the matriarch of the family Mrs Chiu and her son Mr Chiu, who are at the centre of the tea community in the village.

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The sloping tea gardens of Ali Shan


Obubu Shaded Sencha by Akky San

Hand-picked in late May 2017.

Batch size: 80 x 50g.

A luxuriously silky green tea from the Obubu Tea Gardens in Wazuka, Japan. Two weeks before they are harvested, the tea bushes are shrouded from the bright Japanese sun. This forces the plant to produce more chlorophyll, turning the leaves dark green; it also increases amino acid content giving an intense umami flavour with perfectly balanced sweetness.

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Jasmine Silver Needle by Li Jianguo

Hand-picked in early March, then scented in June 2017.

Batch size: 200 x 50g.

Truly summer in a cup. This tea is made of pure delicate silvery buds, handpicked in Guangnan, Yunnan. The tea is then taken over the border to Guangxi ‘the home of Jasmine’ to be scented. The tea is laid out overnight and blanketed with fresh jasmine blossom, this is blown off in the morning and repeated in the morning. The sweet jasmine perfectly complements the delicate white tea.

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