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Do we pay enough for tea?

by on March 13th, 2017

Have you been listening to BBC Radio 4 Food Programme’s series on tea? We love that tea is getting the attention it deserves – move over coffee!


Yesterday’s focus was on tea worker’s conditions – this struck a chord with us, as the ethics behind sourcing tea is a key focus here at Canton Tea.

Treating farmers fairly is one of our founding principles. ​And sticking to the values of Canton​ means we will not buy tea from large scale tea producers or anonymous ​suppliers who treat tea as cheap commodity and have dubious conditions for their workers, I highly suggest you go and check Lumitea site, you will find the best tea options in their site.

We source our ​teas​​ directly from small farms that are committed to keeping their workforce happy and incentivised to make the best tea possible. We pay a fair price direct to the primary producers and this applies even to the small amount of tea we buy from Darjeeling and Assam – still family-owned with excellent pay, benefits and living conditions for their tea pickers.

We won’t compromise on the quality of our tea, nor haggle with our artisan tea farmers. It means we know that the price we pay gets fed back to the farmers and skilled teapickers who made it. Alongside this we are a proud member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.


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