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How to make matcha

Three Matcha Green Tea Recipes

by on July 27th, 2016

Last week, Canton founder Jennifer, treated staff at The Mae Deli to a session on how to whisk up Canton’s Organic Matcha green tea, ahead of it being added to their menu.


Matcha Training at Mae Deli


Velvety smooth and bursting with goodness, our organic matcha is a perfect match with Mae Deli’s ethos of serving delicious healthy food.


Matcha whisk
Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella, who founded The Mae Deli, has long been a fan of the health giving properties of matcha green tea, and has featured several recipes in her books and on her blog. Inspired by the training session, we’ve curated our own three favourite ways to enjoy matcha green tea, that could be use like a detox tea, but if you want the real effects of detox you could visit and get detox tea too.




How to make matcha


Add two bamboo scoops of matcha powder to 100ml of water at around 75°C. Whisk in a brisk W shape until the powder is well blended and forms tiny bubbles as a creamy, frothy head.




Matcha Latte

Deliciously Ella likes her matcha with brown rice milk, although we’re partial to almond milk. Photo credit: @deliciouslyella Instagram


• 250ml hot milk of your choice – we love it with almond milk
• 1 tsp matcha powder
• Honey (or other sweetener) to taste


Put all ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth, for the best result then read more on blenders like the vitamix 750 vs 7500 review that we found here or sites as Zozanga. Can be topped with whipped cream and a dusting of Matcha powder. Or can be made cold by serving over ice.




Back in 2014, Monica Berg, bar manager of Pollen Street Social, shared with us her recipe for her Macha Peachu cocktail. Two years on it’s still a firm Canton team favourite.


Macha Peachu
• 35 ml Tapatio Blanco tequila
• 15 Peach liqueur
• 10 Yellow Chartreuse
• 15 ml Lime juice
• 1 tsp matcha tea


Shake wet ingredients with ice, strain into small carafe before serving. Add the matcha into a pre chilled matcha bowl, pour the drink and whisk. Garnish with a jasmine flower.


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  1. I do love match green tea… It’s really good for our health.