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Taiwanese samples

Spring teas arrive at Canton

by on July 5th, 2016



Spring is always the most exciting time to be at Canton Tea, it means we are flying off around the world visiting tea gardens and literally hundreds of samples are arriving at the office. The postman always gets the cheeriest reception at Canton HQ! Every year we have the nicest of dilemmas: we taste so many delicious teas, we can’t possibly stock them all, but we want to share all of the exciting and unusual teas we get to enjoy with our customers. Also, many of the lovely people who filled in our survey earlier in the year called for us to expand our range of teas and introduce some more connoisseur teas… well, careful what you wish for!


So, introducing our new limited edition Seasonal Selection range…


This year we have selected the most delicious, rarest, most unusual and exotic teas we have tasted and bought them all. All of them are handmade by master tea makers, all of them are bought direct from the farm and some of them are even wild harvest. BUT, we’ve bought less than 5 kilos of each tea and once they’re gone, they’re GONE. The great thing is, that as we discover more incredible teas, we’ll buy them to and keep adding to the range. We have already selected some super teas which will be available soon (some already available), some you will have seen from us before, but some are entirely new. Here is what delights you can expect….



Wild Mountain Dragon Well – Hand picked on the 5th of April this year, from an abandoned tea field that has been left to grow wild in Chunan County, Zhejiang. We’ve had this tea in before, but this year we have gone for the top grade available. And it’s stunning!


Anji Bai Cha – Wild harvested on the 10th April from the same abandoned field as the Dragon Well. You can expect subtle flavours of melon, pear, lemon zest and lily from this Imperial Grade green tea.


Purple Leaf Bamboo Shoot – A.K.A. Zi Sun Cha Green Tea. Another spectacular tea from Zhejiang Province. Picked on Gu Zhu mountain by farmer Liang on 4th April. This is my favourite green of the year and one I blogged about last week – expect fresh vegetal flavours of raw courgette and roasted broccoli, meadow sweet and light melony notes.


Purple Leaf Bamboo Shoot

The shoots of Purple Leaf Bamboo Shoot in front of Zhang Ling’s farm


Panda Green – AKA Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea- this is our wild card for the year. Hailing from E Mei Mountain in Sichuan Province, 120,000 buds make just 1 kg of this tea, which is packed with savoury flavours of raw green beans and dandelion.


Eight Immortals Dan Cong – AKA Ba Xian Dan Cong Oolong. Hand Crafted from leaves picked from bushes descending from the original F1 mother bush, which are very lightly roasted resulting in a tea packed with floral and tropical fruit flavours.


Almond Blossom Dan Cong – AKA Xing Ren Dan Cong Oolong. Imagine a nectar of honey, almond and nutmeg biscuits. Roasted to absolute perfection, this tea won’t disappoint.


We’re also expecting samples from Anxi and Wuyi any day now, so you can expect some more top grade oolongs to be added to this list.



Glenburn Tea Garden – You may have already seen our fantastic collection of our three favourite teas from the Prakash Family at Glenburn. Glenburn Estate First Flush is beautiful classic first flush, Moonshine a luxurious white tea and Peach Blossom is an exciting experimental white tea. We’ve nearly sold out already so get them before they are gone!

The glorious tea fields of Glenburn Estate

The glorious tea fields of Glenburn Estate


Samabeong Tea Garden – We’ve selected two incredible first flush teas from the Samabeong Estate. If you were a member of our Tea Club you may recall the Spring Blossom and Tara’s Offering which were favourites of our members in 2014. The once abandoned tea garden was bought in 1990 by the TPI group who have revived the garden using Bio Dynamic practises. Both teas are supreme examples of first flush Darjeelings. Available by August.


We are currently going through the selection process for Second Flush teas so watch this space!



Nepali Himalayan Black – This year we are SO excited to be offering our first tea from Nepal. The pioneering Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden keep the making process of this special tea as a closely guarded secret. What we can tell you is the result is a rich cup full of chocolate, muscavado and muscatel grapes. Available by 8th July.


More on the way…

We are currently sampling the best of what Japan, Taiwan and Korea have to offer and we’ll update you soon. Sign up to our mailing list to ensure you are the first to hear about these spectacular new teas when they come into stock.


Taiwanese samples

My desk is becoming overwhelmed with Taiwanese samples… Preparing for a marathon tasting of 45 oolongs tomorrow, ready for our exciting new range!






  1. Ukong Chong says:

    I want to be part of it!!!!

  2. tomfreeman says:

    Hi, I don’t see the Panda Green listed on the website.  Particularly interested in this one as I visited Emei Shan in Sichuan a couple of years ago and loved this green tea!  Any news on prices?  They have some other great green teas there too, and the black tea is also very good.

  3. AliceEvans says:

    tomfreeman Hi Tom, the Panda Green has just been dispatched from China for us, so will be available on the wed within the next couple of weeks. It will be around £22.50 for 40g.