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How to make cold brew iced tea

by on June 9th, 2016

Our iced tea method is so easy you’ll want to try it rain or shine.


Easy 3 ingredient, 3 step recipe for refreshing cold brew iced tea


You will need…
1 litre filtered cold water
12g loose leaf tea
30g syrup


1. Add all ingredients to an iced tea jug and stir
2. Pop in the fridge and leave to infuse for at least 1 hour (although overnight is best)
3. Pour the tea over ice, and serve as is or with a slice of lemon


Keep covered in the fridge for up to 5 days.


Rooibos and strawberry iced tea

Canton team favourite: Organic Wild Rooibos and strawberry iced tea


Our favourite must try pairings:


White Peony and pomegranatethe delicate one
The pomegranate enhances the delicate woody notes found in this white tea. Refreshing and very, very drinkable.


Organic Wild Rooibos and strawberrythe one you can drink all day
Canton team favourite. Brewing the rooibos cold with the strawberry syrup really brings out the malty notes and surprisingly, rose. Caffeine free, make a jug of this as you’ll want to drink it all day.


Jasmine Star and passionfruitthe tropical one
The jasmine really sings in this tea, and makes a lovely exotic blend when combined with the passionfruit.


All three pairings are available to buy as part of our Iced Tea Starter Kit.


The flavour will develop the longer you leave it to infuse.


You can add more syrup if you prefer a sweeter drink. When choosing a syrup, look for one with natural ingredients as artificial flavourings and sweeteners can mask the delicate tastes from the tea. We love British made Blossoms Syrups.