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Nirmal Kumar Saha: Arya Estate

by on August 26th, 2014

Canton Tea Club Week 99: Arya Ruby Darjeeling
A few weeks ago Nirmal Kumar Saha from the Arya Estate came to visit us in Bristol. Nirmal, who has been working in tea for nearly 50 years, travels the world selling Arya tea.  He answered some of our questions about the history of the estate and his own experiences.
1.    How did you come to be involved with the Tea Industry ?

Just after completion of my school and prior to joining University for graduation, at the age of just 16, I got an opportunity to work for a renowned Tea Company under KANORIA TEA GROUP. Now I am in my 49th year of Tea association.

2.    How long have you been involved with ARYA ?

I associated myself with ARYA in the year 2008

3.    Can you tell us how the garden began ?

It began with a group of MONKS. It was known from history that a monk who was believed to possess extraordinary spiritual power chanced upon a hill and was left speechless by its purity. He looked all around and felt a sense of elation, for what he saw was a stunning expanse of beautiful hills being nurtured and caressed by the freshness of the wind. More importantly, it made him realize that he was about to give shape to what had for long been brewing in his mind – a unique flavour of tea that would have no parallel anywhere else in the world. SIDRABONG garden was thus established by the monks in the 19th century.(Year 1885). SIDRABONG is now known as ARYA TEA ESTATE.

4.    Is there a difference between  ARYA tea and other Darjeeling tea ? If so why ?

ARYA is situated almost within Darjeeling Town. Its altitude is 5,800 ft. above sea level. It has areas with china bush and clone sections on the higher elevation from where the very high quality teas are produced.

5.    When and how did Mr. Bansal come to acquire the tea garden

In the year 1982

6.    How did Mr. Bansal become involve with tea

This was his Parental Business  

7.    Arya only produces a small amount of tea per year, why is this ?

Just one reason, our motto has always been, more concentration of QUALITY not Quantity

8.    What are the plans for ARYA in future

To go for uprooting and replanting on a regular bais for maintenance of tea quality

To make ARYA more popular in the International Market

To give most possible facilities to upgrade the living of the workers

Edgar, Nirmal & Alice

Edgar, Nirmal & Alice

Nirmal & Jennifer

Nirmal & Jennifer