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Cold Brew Lemongrass

by on August 15th, 2014

Canton Tea Club Week 98: Edgar introduces Lemongrass

I had planned this article a few weeks back when the weather was a little warmer so I apologise if it’s raining when you read this. I’ve been trying to drink a little less caffeine recently which is pretty hard when working at Canton HQ, and have been experimenting with cold brewing, especially using some our great herbal teas and blends.


Cold brewing is a trend in the coffee world but it is also a great method to brew tea. Cold brew tea is not the same as iced tea, there is no added sugar, fruit or other frilly bits; it is just purely and simply tea brewed in cold water over a long period of time.

Cold Brew Lemongrass

Cold brewing brings out whole new flavour profiles of your tea that you wouldn’t usually get if you brew hot. This is because certain compounds which affect flavour dissolve at different temperatures, so when you cold brew you are extracting some of the many flavour compounds. Generally it produces a smoother and sweeter brew with no bitterness, though it can throw up a few surprises, so it’s worth experimenting with different teas.


It is really easy and really time efficient as you can make up a pitcher, keep it in the fridge and drink it over a couple of days – great when you are busy. It’s also a fantastic way to enjoy your favourite teas in the summer when it is too warm to have a hot drink.


You can cold brew all different kinds of tea but one of my favourites is Jekka’s Lemongrass. Cold brewed it is so vibrant, refreshing and sweet and is a perfect summer time drink (it also goes very well with a little gin). Below are my instructions for cold brewing Lemongrass but you can use these instructions for any kind of tea.


Lemongrass field at Amba Estate

Lemongrass field at Amba Estate, Sri Lanka with Lipton’s seat in the background.

You will need…

A large pitcher (ideally with a lid)

Lemon grass (or any other kind of tea or herbal you fancy)

Cold water (filtered if you have it).


With cold brewing you need a higher tea to water ratio to extract as much flavour as possible, so use approximately 3-4 tablespoons of tea per litre of water. Spoon the Lemongrass into the pitcher and fill with cold water. Put the pitcher in the fridge to steep for 6-8 hours. Enjoy!

..or add your favourite tipple to create a classic cocktail!

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