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Unbelievably proud and excited to announce a new herbal range, the fruit of our collaboration with the UK's leading herb expert, Jekka McVicar.

Introducing Jekka’s Herbs at Canton Tea Co

by on May 16th, 2013

Named the UK’s ‘Queen of Herbs’ by Jamie Oliver, Jekka McVicar is an RHS multiple Gold Medallist and a well known writer and broadcaster. Jekka has joined Canton Tea in a partnership to offer the world’s best herbal infusions. With Jekka’s unrivalled knowledge and enthusiasm and our expertise at sourcing and blending, we are confident that the tisanes in the range will be the best you have tasted.

So how did this collaboration come about?

It all started back in the summer of 2012 when Edgar got hitched to Charlotte at the beautiful garden – home to The Ethicurean. They know Jekka and suggested we might have some common interests.

So I met Jekka at her glorious Herb Farm and we walked and talked – dogs, gardens, herbs, teas, travelling, herbal medicine, the RHS, Jamie (Oliver – her protégée), RB (Raymond Blanc – she’d just designed his herb garden at Le Manoir) – and we thought what we could do together.

It seemed so blindingly obvious it was incredible we hadn’t struck on it sooner. With our combined expertise and enthusiasm we could produce a brilliant range of herbal infusions. We would drag the regular herbs – the neglected country cousins of the tea world –  into a new place. We would find better, fresher herbs – the wild, the rare and the completely overlooked – and we would pack them in pretty white tins with illustrations by highly acclaimed botanical artist Hannah McVicar (just a happy coincidence she’s Jekka’s daughter.)

All we had to do was get the range ready to launch at Chelsea Flower Show. It all came together just as the truck left for Chelsea. Our boys in the warehouse were packing right up to the wire – all we have to do now is watch them fly off Jekka’s stand (SW1 in case you’re there) and our website.

Jekka reckons the Lemongrass will go first – followed by the Hibiscus. My bet is on the Lemon Verbena: the French love their Verveine and there are huge numbers of them in London at the moment.

This is the beginning of a really exciting joint venture. We started with a classic six herbal infusions – hell, Jekka calls them Herbal Teas so reversing years of pedantic correction I’m going to call them herbal teas too. Future plans include exotic blends and Jekka’s favourite wild British herbs. It’s a brilliant venture – partly because it’s such a good fit, partly because we think people will love them – but also because Jekka is brilliant to work with. Can’t wait to spend Tuesday with her at Chelsea where we’ve promised ourselves several Pimms to celebrate the launch. Cheers!


  1. […] history with Jekka McVicar is intertwined with Chelsea Flower Show. Three years ago we launched our collaborative herbal infusion collection there, and in 2014 Jekka created English Summer Garden in celebration of the show, blending herbs […]