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View a video of tea-production in Ilam, Nepal

Improving the conditions of Nepalese tea farms

by on May 31st, 2013

Canton Tea Club Week 35: Nepal Roasted Green

We thought we’d take a break from the written word this week and take a look at a video instead.

The video is about a USAID project to improve the conditions and productivity of tea farms in Ilam, from where our three Nepalese teas originate. We’re not posting this to endorse USAID, rather to give an idea of where these teas have come from. It is interesting that the Nepali tea industry, whilst geographically in the same position as Darjeeling has been, and is still, relatively undeveloped.

Which of the three Nepalese teas was your favourite?

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  1. LynneEdwards says:

    Have the Snow Mountain White and the Green Roasted been mixed up? As others have commented, the tea labelled Snow Mountin White did not have the usual character of a white tea. This week’s, which should be Green Roasted, seems very much a white tea!

  2. LynneEdwards says:

    P.S. both good teas, and, if they really are as labelled, surprises. I especially likevthe one labelled Snow Mountain White.

  3. adp3355 says:

    I thought the Green Roasted looked like a darjeeling in the packet, but once infused there was no doubt in my mind that it had a ‘proper’ green tea taste and colour.  Quite buttery, and very sweet. The leaves onced infused also looked like a proper green tea.  The roasting must have been very light as there is just a hint of smokeyness – just enough to give some extra body and balance to the sweetness.  Every bit as good as most chinese green teas I have tried.  Of the 3 Nepalese teas I think it is the most distinctive and unusual, though all are very good quality and very intersting.

  4. LynneEdwards says:

    I’m sure it is right because of the smokiness, but it is a surprise!

  5. tomfreeman says:

    Have never tasted Nepalese teas before, but both this and the Snow Mountain White are delicious.  This roasted green is very enjoyable, a good mix of sweetness and smokiness.

  6. mgoat says:

    On my return from a break I found myself greeted by 2 boxes from the tea club. This and the Nepal white. Which to try first? I chose this one as I quite like roasted oolong teas and I was intrigued to discover what a roasted green would be like. That this was different was apparent from the moment of opening the bag. Very strong smoky odours reminding me of barbecues were quickly apparent. The tea itself brewed in a gaiwan proved to be also quite smoky but the smokiness was more like green wood smoke than the charcoal from the dry leaves. Despite the smoke a green tea flavour was present and did work with the smokiness. The two faded gradually over around 6 or 7 infusions

  7. mgoat says:

    …but without changing other than in intensity. I found myself thinking of savoury food whilst drinking this tea. I am not sure whether this was simply the association with barbecues but I think that it would be worth trying with something savoury – probably not barbecued though – I think two lots of smoke flavour would be too much. I cannot quite take in how different these 2 teas are (not to mention the Nepal Black from a couple of weeks ago). I preferred the more nuanced white. I am glad that I got the opportunity to taste this tea though, but it was more of a singular experience to be remembered rather than something that I would want to have on regular order. Fascinating as ever from the tea club.

  8. mgoat says:

    I have just brewed a second batch of the roasted green and this time used 2 rather than 3 teaspoons and shorter infusion times. After the initial wash I used 10, 10, 20, 25 and I have to sau it was an altogether different and even more enjoyable experience. The smokiness was very well balanced with the green tea elements. I am converted!

  9. cantonteaco says:

    @LynneEdwards Hi Lynne. These are the correct teas – the Nepalese white isn’t your usual white tea, so can be a bit misleading!

  10. cantonteaco says:

    @mgoat Thank you for your excellent comments – trying new teas and taste experiences is what the club is all about and we are very glad that you are enjoying your membership.

  11. KathyMonaco says:

    I loved the roasted green. Also found that for me about 2.5 teaspoons provided the perfect balance between the smokiness and the intrinsic green flavour. Also loved the smell of the steeped leaves.

  12. Dunkinbizkit says:


  13. Dunkinbizkit says:

    Sorry about the overly cryptic use of just my name below! This tea was a truly beautiful colour – almost peach- and I really loved the ghostly nuttiness of the long, long aftertaste. I used 3 grams. Yes, I did use a digital scale. I’ll improve with the approximating as time goes on.