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This fantastic Sushi restaurant group is now serving our Flowering Tea and Dragon Well

Welcome Feng Sushi

by on March 19th, 2013

We’re delighted to introduce Feng Sushi as a new trade partner.  Winner of the Innovation Award at the 2013 Sustainable Restaurant Association Awards, this lively restaurant group serves fresh modern and traditional Japanese food. Eight London locations include the Southbank Centre, Kensington Church Street and Borough Market. 

Can you do this in a tea bag?

Founder of Feng Sushi, Silla Bjerrum loves our Dragon Well but wanted to move from loose leaf to one of our biodegradable cornstarch pyramid teabags. So we created the Dragon Well (Long Jing) Pyramid Teabag just for them – but it is now available for all. In a busy restaurant the pyramids make serving tea very easy – and disposing of the leaves very quick. Their customers are also now enjoying our best-seller the Jasmine Pearls and the Dancing Dragon Flowering Tea.

We don’t just love you and leave you…

We’ve done an initial tea training with the Managers of Feng Sushi. We talked about the provenance and production and brewing to perfection. We hope the dedication and the passion we try and convey around sourcing the teas means that if the staff appreciate them, their enthusiasm will enhance the customers’ enjoyment. When/if they need another boost – we’ll be back.