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Introducing two new teas to our range: they're Darjeelings, but not as you know them...

Rare Green And White Darjeelings

by on October 7th, 2011

ARYA EMERALD Second Flush Green Darjeeling

Arya is the Sanskrit word for ‘noble’ or ‘best’ and this green Darjeeling tea is a rare and delicious thing from the Arya Tea Garden. Although Black teas are the most established and well known of the Darjeeling teas, there are some wonderful new white, green and oolong teas being made at the gardens now – and some of them are rivalling the best Chinese teas. It is because the tea bushes are the Chinese variety that the tea makers can produce such distinguished teas in each category – and of course because the bushes are so well suited to the high elevation and the climate of hot sun and cool mists.

This Arya Emerald comprises small leaves in a beautiful sea-green with young silvery buds. It has a balanced combination of floral and fruity notes with a hint of vegetal but with no bitterness. It should be brewed very cool (around 75C) and the carefully-picked whole leaves open up to release a pale golden green liquor which is smooth, slightly nutty,almost succulent – grape and pear.

ARYA PEARL First Flush White Darjeeling

This skill of the Tea Maker produces a fine White tea that is brimming with aromas of summer berries and toasted hazelnuts. The infusion yields a bright, light-coloured liquor with an incredibly delicate taste and sweet flavour showing hints of vanilla and nutmeg.  Use 1-2 teaspoons per 200ml and brew cool to get the full subtle, mellow flavours from the leaves – around 75C. Steep for just a few minutes and reinfuse the same wonderful leaves several times.