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Canton director Edgar creates a refreshing new blend.

Long Jing and Chrysanthemum

by on September 7th, 2011

Lonely Long Jing
Since we only sell current season, fresh green teas at Canton Tea Co, a single bag of 2009 Long Jing sits lonely and neglected in the corner of the warehouse.

I feel sorry for it. I can’t sell it – so I’ve got to use. But how?

Given my (un)healthy obession with all foods smoked, I put some of the leaves to use by adapting this recipe

See the recipe here

This was great but I’d have to eat a LOT of salmon to use up the big bag of old tea and at £14/kg salmon steaks are pretty expensive.

And then our latest batch of Chinese Herbal teas arrived.

I’d had a Chrysanthemum and Green Tea blend when I was in China last and it was lovely. So I gave it a try.

After lots of experimenting, I came up with a nice blend (roughly 65/35 in Long Jing’s favour)

It’s an amazing combination, the soft velvety texture and the sweet flowery notes of the Chrysanthemum highlighting the nutty, slightly vegetal taste of the Long Jing.

This blend was so good that I’ve hand blended a small quantity (using fresh Spring 2011 tea) for you to try at home.

This was so good I just had to try the premium version. Superior Dragon Well and Wild Purple Chrysanthemum . . .  Wow!

You’ll have to blend this one yourselves though…

Enjoy, Edgar