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Yunnan Gold Pearls

Easy-brewing black tea pearls with hints of plum and caramel.

Special Offer: Save 40% - 50g was £9, now £5.40

These attractively gold-flecked, marble-sized black tea pearls have been hand-rolled from high-grade Yunnan gold leaf tea into perfectly compressed spheres. They make a deliciously smooth, medium-bodied brew. Each pearl weighs around one gram, so use just two or three in a small teapot. Made in Fen Qing, in Yunnan, they are ideal at work or on holiday.

One big beautiful hand-rolled pearl will give one big beautiful cup of tea.

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50g Foil Bag

GBP£5.40 Buy
16p per serving

2 x 50g Foil Bags

GBP£10.00 Buy
15p per serving

250g Foil Bag

GBP£30.00 Buy
18p per serving

*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice

Yunnan Gold Pearls

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  • Yunnan Gold Pearls black tea
  • Tea picked in Yunnan province is made into distinctive Yunnan Gold Pearls
  • Yunnan Gold Pearls black tea packaging options

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Regular Price: £9.00

Special Price: £5.40

GBP £ 5.40

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Very enjoyable


/ 5

This was the first Canton tea I tried and it was lovely!

Yunnan Gold Pearls



/ 5

Lovely tea, easy to brew, easy to drink any time of day, I make it with one pearl and 200 ml boiling water. Best of all it doesn't seem to get bitter when I forget to pour it for 5 min.

Yunnan Gold Pearls

good quality


/ 5

With my last order from Canton Tea there was this little sample of yunnan black pearls included. I had it sitting here for a while now and my curiosity has taken the upper hand.

Upon opening the package i can smell a light malty typical yunnan flavor. I had yunnan tea's before but that where usual loose tea's, this is something different. The pearls as they are called are pretty big tea balls. Lets say about 1cm diameter max but most are a bit smaller. Its easy to measure in your teacup and the instructions note that i best use 2 balls for 250ml water. But i like my black tea strong so i'm using 3...

I'm using almost boiling water and a 3min infusion for my first cup. The little teaballs start to unfurl and bubble open pretty slowly and after a minute or so it increases it speed and starts getting alive. The balls turn out to be pretty large yunnan leafs, pretty tippy to. The color of the infusion is a hazy brown, not so dark then i expected but it smells good!

Tasting this tea reveals a slightly malt and spicy flavor that holds up pretty well, its surprisingly sweet and not bitter at all. I'm enjoying this and its easy to make because off the balls u just pick some out the package and are ready to go...

Overall not my most favorite yunnan but its a good quality

Yunnan Gold Pearls

solid red


/ 5

Each fermented leaf unfurling;
late birds nesting.
Big reds and browns swirl.

(Spring 2012 harvest)

Yunnan Gold Pearls

very good tea


/ 5

this yunnan black tea is really good, convenient in the shape, and seems to stand a dew minutes of brewing without becoming bitter, it gets just darker and full-bodied. Great :)

Yunnan Gold Pearls

full of fun with the very bud leaves


/ 5

I love the bolls and the aroma goes out in brewing. The leaves are also very good, they are the very delicate buds.

Yunnan Gold Pearls

Easy and satisfying


/ 5

Good flavour and colour, and a convenient way to make a consistent brew. I use two pearls per 250ml glass cup.

Yunnan Gold Pearls
Rated 4/5 based on 7 reviews

Learn More

Read more about Chinese black tea in Canton Tea School.

Other Names - Black Pearls, Dragon Pearls

Chinese Name 红珍珠 (Red Pearl)
Country China
Origin Feng Qing Mountains, Lincang, China
Plantation Altitude 1500m
Leaf Appearance Black and gold leaves rolled into marble-sized pearls
Aroma Rich, sweet and slightly malty
Liquor Deep golden orange
Tasting Notes Robust with hints of plum and caramel and a sweet finish
Quick Brewing Instructions 2-3 pearls, 95°C, 250 ml, 2-3 mins

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