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Yunnan Black

One of the most famous and popular black teas in China.

Special Offer: 50g was £4.50, now £3.15; 250g was £22, now £15.40

Little known outside China but very popular within, Dian hong has a caramel fragrance aroma and a rich, sweet, robust flavour with a hint of plum. This black tea is relatively new - around 100 years old - and is used in high quality blends of English Breakfast. Brewed cool, it makes a delicious iced tea with a dollop of honey stirred into the dark, golden liquor. This tea is said to be a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, but we don't have a royal warrant - yet.

A rich, robust black, with bags of muscle and endurance. A good bracer for the morning, especially cold chilly mornings, suffuses you with warmth and cheer on your way to work. Canton customer, David

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*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice

Yunnan Black

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  • Yunnan Black (Dian Hong) tea leaves
  • Yunnan Black tea leaves being brought back for processing
  • Vanilla Black loose leaf tea

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Regular Price: £4.50

Special Price: £3.15

GBP £ 3.15

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This tea has a wonderful flavour, delicate & slightly smokey


/ 5

This tea has a wonderful flavour, delicate & slightly smokey. I'm really enjoying it!

Yunnan Black

A consistent performer


/ 5

I've bought this Yunnan Black several times before and it never disappoints. I drink it on its own and also in a blend with Rosebuds - delicious either way.

Yunnan Black

Fantastic tea!


/ 5

This is my favourite black/red tea! I tried many but always go back to this one. Great without it with milk(full fat only!) at any time on the day. Please, Canton, always keep it in stock!

Yunnan Black

Bags of muscle


/ 5

A rich, robust black, with bags of muscle and endurance. A good bracer for the morning, especially cold chilly mornings, suffuses you with warmth and cheer on your way to work. You can make it in little clay pots and sip it, or why not have a mugful and gulp it? This is a black in which a spot of top-of-the-milk wouldn't go amiss, smooth velvet, or maybe stronger, say corduroy. Easy to make, can't go wrong with this. A real general-purpose tea that just keeps on infusing. And at what a generous price!

Yunnan Black

This Is Why I Love Red Tea


/ 5

Yunnan black, is a outstanding red tea. The flavor is very mellow, with little to no astringency, and has caramel and cocoa notes, with a substantial mouth feel. This tea is great in the morning as a breakfast tea, as well as throughout the day. Also when converted into iced tea it performs remarkably well, and is great during the summer for a refreshing treat. Yunnan black, is a great introduction to the range of red teas. I find it a great alternative when I am tired of drinking other tea types. In addition it is relatively affordable, which makes it all the more appealing. Furthermore I have found that whether you brew it for only a few seconds, or allow it to steep fully, the tea is still very robust no matter how you prefer it. This is a satisfying red tea, and will certainly be something you can enjoy it for years to come. Tremendously recommended.

Yunnan Black
Rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews

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Read more about Chinese black tea in Canton Tea School.

Other Names - Dian hong

Chinese Name Yun Nan Hong (Dian hong) 云南红(滇红)
English Pronunciation yoo nan hong (dee-en hong)
Country China
Origin Yunnan Province
Harvest Date 2016
Leaf Appearance Small leaf buds and few young open leaves
Aroma Fresh, slight vine fruit and malt
Liquor A golden orange colour
Tasting Notes A robust flavour with a hint of plum
Quick Brewing Instructions 2 tsp, 95°C, 250 ml, 3 mins

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