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2010 White Dragon Loose Puerh

Small tippy leaves in a high grade loose puerh tea.
This cooked puerh is made using only from the smallest, tippy, high grade (gong ting) leaves which makes the character of the liquor unusually sweet and very smooth. Made in Simao at the heart of the Puerh region, this is an ideal well-rounded introduction for those new to puerh tea.

In production the maocha (leaves being processed for puerh) are fermented and then sorted into different grades with gong ting being the highest grade - the small tippy leaf. Just 5% of the leaves from the sorting will be the gong ting grade - and only these are used for this White Dragon puerh tea.

This is a Puerh that I would recommend to someone who is just starting out down this tea route. Canton customer TeaLeigh

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*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice

2010 White Dragon Loose Puerh

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  • 2010 White Dragon loose Puerh
  • 2010 White Dragon Loose Puerh

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A very mild pu-erh


/ 5

This tea has a full body like other pu-erhs, and has an additional creamy smooth feel to it. The taste is very mild comparing with pu-erh I am used to, a bit too mild for me as I have been drinking pu-erh for decades. This would be good for somebody just starting out, but doesn't really have the kind of deep earthy and rustic flavour I seek in this type of tea.

2010 White Dragon Loose Puerh

A Pleasant Surprise!


/ 5

I prepared this tea in my Gaiwan (from Canton!), using water *just* off the boil… I did a quick rinse (just a few seconds) and wasn't too impressed with the appearance or smell - this was my first Pu-Erh, and I didn't really know what to expect!

My first steep was for 10" only and I poured it into a small, porcelain jug. The colour was much more impressive – a beautiful, deep mahogany colour. The aroma of the tea wasn’t overly strong – a nice, “earthy” (!!), surprisingly sweet smell. The aroma of the leaves, however, was truly special – a strong, beautiful treacle-like (molasses, for the Americans) smell! It was incredible – the change from the rinse was huge! Encouraged, I poured out a little cup of the tea and gave it a smell (still nothing much, but still very pleasant). Then the taste…

… well, what a marvellous surprise! A really well-rounded, sweet, vanilla-and-cream like tea! It had a charmingly light body and was very easy on the palette. And it was delicious! I demolished my first cup and treated myself to steeps two and three. All wonderful!

[Full review: ]

2010 White Dragon Loose Puerh

Mild Intro


/ 5

This is a Puerh that I would recommend to someone who is just starting out down this tea route. It brews a reasonably mild drink but underlies that with loads of subtle mouth lingering flavours. OK it hasn't got the really strong punch that other Puerh's have but it still stands on its own two feet in the taste test. I like this as a mid morning or late evening drink.

It's sweet on the pallet, but not overbearingly so, one thing I would suggest is to brew this tea with water that is slightly below boiling as this seems to be the right temperature to bring out the best flavours. One final point I know everyone who knows something about tea always says to use bottled or filtered water well try one brew with tap water and then immediately follow up with another brew with either bottled or filtered water, you'd think you were drinking another tea it tastes so much better.

Hope this helps you make a decision to purchase, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

2010 White Dragon Loose Puerh
Rated 5/5 based on 3 reviews

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Chinese Name 景谷宫廷普洱
Country China
Factory 白龙景谷茶厂 White Dragon Jing Gu Tea factory
Harvesting Area Jing Gu, Simao, Yunnan
Puerh Type Loose
Style Cooked (Shou)
Varietal Var. Assamica
Leaf Appearance Small, tippy leaves
Quick Brewing Instructions Use a small teapot. 3-5g of tea per 140ml water: 95°C. Wash tea briefly then 10-15 seconds infusions.
Puerh Vintage 2008 to date
Season Aged

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