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Traditional English Breakfast

Robust, deep and rounded, carries milk perfectly.
A traditional, strong, loose leaf English Breakfast, the blend reformulated for us by rare tea hunter Phil Mumby. A small-leaf, high-quality Assam tea from the Khongea estate blended with two stunning teas from Kenya from the Kaimosi™ estate and Kapchorua™ estate, plus a small proportion of China's traditional Yunnan Dian hong to give it the Canton Tea Co twist. It's smooth, brisk, fresh, robust - exactly what a traditional English Breakfast tea should be.

Our first tea available in a 1kg bag - for those addicted to a proper morning cuppa

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Sample (min. 5g)

GBP£1.50 Buy
Makes 5 cups

50g Foil Bag

GBP£4.00 Buy
12p per cup

2 x 50g Foil Bags

GBP£7.50 Buy
11p per cup

*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice

Traditional English Breakfast

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  • Traditional English Breakfast black tea
  • Traditional English Breakfast black tea
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From £4.00 for 50g
GBP £ 4.00

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Robust is the right word!


/ 5

When I opened the packet I was surprised to see a CTC blend…not all CTC mind you, but definitely CTC and broken leaves. Ok, then….we’ll do the short steep. Canton recommended 2-4 minutes, so I went with 2 and I’m glad I did.

Holy Macanoley is this tea strong! Robust is the PERFECT word to describe this tea. It is straight up English Breakfast. There is a ton of malt, biscuit and a touch of citrus. It is bold, kick your butt and if steeped for 4 minutes would probably stain your teeth for a week! The Yunnan is completely lost to me in this blend. It is the kenya, assam and rwanda that fill my mouth with all the flavors you expect from a traditional english breakfast tea. There is astringency here, but not puckerville…just enough for your mouth to want the next sip, which it’s easy to do.
This is a tea that english breakfast blend lovers should not miss. Bold, robust and strong, it is Builders in a business suit. It will stand up to breakfast, lunch or dinner with loads of flavor to spare. This won’t be my only cup of this today. Guaranteed.

Traditional English Breakfast

Complex but expensive.


/ 5

I bought this tea after trying the Canton English Breakfast. The taste is similar, but not as strong. The smaller leaves allow a faster infusion however for a proper breakfast tea requires about 5 minutes steeping. - I would probably go for cheaper breakfast tea when considering the price however this is still a nice, complex tea.

Traditional English Breakfast

A bold cuppa


/ 5

I've tried some English breakfast teas over the past couple of years that I thought lacked the flavour and the body to categorise them as an English breakfast tea. This is not one of them. It has a bold flavour and tastes best with milk. This tea will definitely get you going in the morning!

Traditional English Breakfast



/ 5

Strong but subtle. The taste of the Darjeeling comes through well. A good blend.

Traditional English Breakfast
Rated 4/5 based on 4 reviews

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Phil describes how: 'There is an art to blending tea. It normally works best when a blend is built around a single ‘hero’ component, with other teas then brought in to complement and balance... When creating this blend, my starting point was to pin down the flavour profile that I wanted. Traditional English Breakfast, despite its name, is a tea that is drunk at all times of day, as a refreshing pick-me-up, something not too far away from ‘normal tea’, but higher in quality and with the key attributes magnified. It needs to be refreshing, smooth but invigorating, with a clean flavour and satisfying aftertaste. I wanted it to work well even if taken without milk. Once I had decided this, I knew what I wanted for my hero tea, if I could get it: Kenya Kaimosi GFBOP'.

Read more on Phil's blog about the teas he chose to compliment his 'hero' tea, and why.

Origin A blend of black teas from Assam, Kenya, Rwanda and Yunnan
Liquor Rich dark brown
Tasting Notes Smooth, brisk, fresh, and robust
Quick Brewing Instructions 2 tsp, 95°C, 250ml, 2 mins (without milk), 4 mins (with milk)

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