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Tai Ping Monkey King

Our rare show piece for the Spring Limited Edition Collection.

Limited Edition Collection - Sold Out.

With its flat, sword-like leaves, up to an astonishing 7 cm long, this is a spring green tea that instantly stands out from the crowd. Crafted with care and dedication, this is an extreme artisan tea. During the making process, the leaves are rolled flat against a fine mesh to develop their mellow flavour, and the cross-hatched marks can still be seen imprinted into each leaf. The leaves brew a clear, yellow-green liquor with an incredible orchid aroma and a mellow, vegetal flavour. So rare and special that we have just twenty bags available.

Our rare show piece for the Spring Collection. The astonishingly long leaves have been crafted with the skill, passion and care of a true artisan. So rare and special we only have 20 bags available. Ali- Head of Tea

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*Based on a 4g serving, infused twice

Tai Ping Monkey King

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This exceptional artisan tea is grown in the beautiful Huangshan Mountains of Taiping County, Anhui. The tea is made by Zhang Wenzhan and his family in the village of Houkeng, who produce just a few kilos each day during the short season. The leaves get their long, flat appearance and iconic cross-hatch pattern from the rolling process they undergo before drying. Once heated in a wok, the leaves are straightened out flat and pressed between two mesh screens. They are then rolled several times by Zhang, a process which gives the tea its soft, mellow flavour. Tea from Houkeng village is widely considered to be amongst the best in the region, due to the shaded, North-East facing growing conditions in the tea gardens, as well as the skill and dedication of tea-making families like Zhang’s.

We first introduced this outstanding tea back in 2013 for Tea Club. Read more about it here from tea expert and great Canton friend, Jane Pettigrew: Read now.

Other Names - Tai Ping Huo Kui

Chinese Name Tai Ping Huo Kui
English Pronunciation Tie-Ping-Hwo-Kway
Country China
Harvesting Area Houkeng village, Anhui province
Plantation Altitude 600m
Harvest Date 15th April 2017. 1 bud & 3-4 leaves. Only 1 bud & 2 leaves used.
Varietal Shi-Da Cultivar
Leaf Appearance Long, flat green leaves- measuring up to 7 cm. Some bearing a criss-cross pattern
Aroma Vegetal aroma with orchid hint
Liquor Bright greeny-yellow
Tasting Notes Smooth, mellow and sweet with vegetal base notes and lovely orchid top notes
Quick Brewing Instructions 4g, 85°C, 250ml, 2-3 mins
Picking Standard 1 bud & 3-4 leaves. Only 1 bud & 2 leaves used.
Farmer Zhang Wenzhan
Aspect North-East facing