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Organic Dragon Well 50g Tin

Famous green tea with notes of green beans and sweet chestnut.
This delicious organic Dragon Well is grown in the hills of Zhejiang Province near Long Jing, the village where this famous tea originated. The green tea leaves are picked young and taken back to the village where the skilled tea masters use their bare hands to press them flat in a hot, dry wok in the traditional way. This arrests the oxidation process and ensures the liquor carries the notes of freshly cut grass, rounded off by a soft, nutty flavour.

This tea shows wonderful a depth and smoothness, unusual in a green tea. Just ensure you brew it cool (around 75°C) to bring out the soft, sweet notes.

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*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice

Organic Dragon Well 50g Tin


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Other Names - Dragonwell Tea, Dragon Well Tea, Long Jing, Lung Ching Tea, Longjing

Chinese Name Long Jing 龙井绿茶
English Pronunciation Long Jing
Country China
Origin Qiandao (Thousand Island) Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Harvest Date Spring 2013
Varietal Original Long Jing tea variety
Roasting Level The liquor is a shiny, clear, bright green.
Leaf Appearance The leaves are a bright jade green and gold in the shape of the beautifully even ‘yu ye’ (fish leaves) indicative of the authentic Long Jing producing area.
Aroma The tea has a lovely fresh, sweet nutty fragrance
Tasting Notes Smooth, lively taste. It has a slight citrus hint at the beginning, which then leads into a pronounced nutty flavour – hazelnuts and chestnuts, with a sweet and long lasting ‘hui gan’ (aftertaste).
Quick Brewing Instructions Use quite a lot of leaves (1tbsp) per cup (200ml) and brew cool, around 65°C (149°F), allowed to steep for 2-3 minutes and infuse at least 3 times.

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