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Little Pumpkin Yixing Teapot

Charming small pot in the shape of a pumpkin, made with unusual green clay.
Little Pumpkin (Nan Guan) is from the workshop of traditional potter Lin Wei Guo, this charming, characterful little pot will give you years of enjoyment brewing your favourite loose leaf tea. The pale tawny colour is achieved by the unusual use of a Yixing clay called green clay and the indentations have been formed to suggest the shape of a small pumpkin.

We carry a range of Yixing pots at three different prices which reflect how the pots are made. The most expensive teapots we buy direct from the studio of well known National Craft Master, Gao Jian Jun. Our other pots are from the studios of less famous potters and are created by forming the yixing clay around the mold of an original teapot, then adding the spout, handle and lid. Tiny discrepancies can occur between each pot as they are genuinely handmade pieces.

This teapot measures approximately 8cm in height and 7.5cm in width.

Handmade, artisan, traditional clay teapot, each one is a unique piece which can be handed down through the generations.

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GBP £ 45.00

Price based upon a 3g serving, infused twice

Little Pumpkin Yixing Teapot

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  • Little Pumpkin (Nan Guan) Yixing clay teapot
  • Little Pumpkin (Nan Guan) Yixing clay teapot
  • Little Pumpkin (Nan Guan) Yixing clay teapot

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The best things come in small packages


/ 5

The loveliest little teapot very tactile, it has a good size handle for its small size making it very comfortable to use. It was bought for my bamboo tea tray and the Pu'er tea I bought in Hong Kong, love indulging in my own little tea ceremony

Little Pumpkin Yixing Teapot

Tea tastes good from this teapot!


/ 5

Made Li Shan Oolong with this Teapot and a Glass Teapot for friends to compare, everyone said the tea tastes better with this one! Just ordered another one, hopefully the quality is as good as first one.

Little Pumpkin Yixing Teapot



/ 5

can not fault this tea pot it is quite small but this is perfect for any tea that requires multiple infusions. Using the yixing tasting cups I got three cups from a full pot. this is the second yixing tea pot I have bought, my other I have had over a year and find the tea is much better when brewed in this tea pot.if you drink the same tea all the time it is worth getting one of these. allthough quite expensive for such a small tea pot it is very well made and will last a lifetime if you look after it.

Little Pumpkin Yixing Teapot

Feedback to Roxana's review


/ 5

We'd just like to confirm that we do go to great lengths to ensure we buy only authentic Yixing teapots through trusted sources.The clay is a genuine Yixing clay (it comes in many different colours) and the teapots are handmade which is why there are small differences between each one. There is more about the making of the pots in the product text. If a product ever falls below a customer's expectations, we are happy to replace or refund it - and have offered to do so in this instance. We would always urge our customers to notify us of any problem so we can resolve it, rather than living with it and declaring the poor Little Pumpkin unfit. Naturally I've given it 5 stars as I love the shape and I have one at home - but on mine the lid does actually fit. We've run a check on all the others and they're good too.

Little Pumpkin Yixing Teapot

Not that great


/ 5

I had a crush over it from the first moment I saw its picture. The volume was perfect, the type of clay was what I was looking for, the shape was charming. But when receiving it, the flaws were obvious. The lid does not fit well, it feelfs uncomfortable when pouring and it is almost impossible to get the last drops of tea out of it. I strongly doubt it is handmade, and I am not so sure the clay is genuine either. Despite all its flaws, I am somehow attached to it.

Little Pumpkin Yixing Teapot
Rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews

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Intro to Yixing Teapots: one of the greatest expressions of the Chinese passion for art and tea.

Ali and Jen’s story of sourcing Yixing Teapots during their trip to China in 2013

Jennifer’s story of her Yixing workshop with National Craft Master Gao Jian Jun.

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Volume 175ml
Potter Lin Weiguo
Type of Clay Ben Shan Lu Ni (Ben Shan green clay)
Pouring Time 15 secs
Screen 7 holes
Tea Pairing Dancong / Da Hong Pao oolong tea, black tea