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Canton Raw: Yi Wu 2011

A puerh cake handmade for us with the ratio of one bud to one leaf.
This classic raw puerh is handmade for us at the Zhen Si Long tea factory. The leaves are olive green and the tea has the distinctive flavour of the classic Yi Wu puerh: thick with a full-bodied mouthfeel and a long, sweet aftertaste. Put it away if you can resist and allow it to develop into a truly outstanding, aged puerh tea in a few years' time.

One of our collection of five outstanding Single Mountain puerh cakes. This one is handmade for us by a famous producer in the authentic style.

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*Based on a 5g serving, infused 4 times

Canton Raw: Yi Wu 2011

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/ 5

I'm absolutely new to Puerh tea and a self confessed amateur! This is my first real tea cake and I think it is an absolute cracker, it's smells nutty and of honey...brilliant and what a start!

Smooth and Surprisingly Mellow


/ 5

I'm still quite new to sheng puerh, but someone recommended me this little cake from Canton, so I thought I'd give it a try. I was really impressed! This tea is smooth and surprisingly mellow, with a sweetness that I haven't experienced in sheng puerh before. It still had that kinda brothy, vegetal flavour, but it wasn't dominant - more just a lighter, background flavour. This tea was really excellent - I think I might have to buy another few cakes in future :-)



/ 5

Very pleasant tea but I do think Canton's house pu'erh for slightly less money just has the edge on this although would like to see how it develops with age

rugged and jazzy


/ 5

I would like to see what this tea is like in a few more years, but its really good now. I like the quality of Qi that YiWu puehr has. I read somewhere it was described as a euphoric type of Qi.

Very nice


/ 5

I really enjoyed this very drinkable yi wu puerh. It has the subtle yet delicious qualities of yi wu puerh and is a pleasure enjoy : )

Just had to buy more


/ 5

Of the five Single Mountain cakes on offer this is my favorite. Was given the set of five for Xmas and had no hesitation buying four more of this cake. Zhen Si Long company of Wi Wu (and Wi Wu is more of a mountain range than single mountain) produce autumn offerings with a full hui gan. I have the 2007 Zhen Si Long Autumn Harvest Yi Wu and the storage shows. I intend trying the little cakes in a few years time.

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Chinese Name 2011年秋易武山
Country China
Year of Production Autumn 2011
Factory Zhen Si Long Tea Factory
Harvesting Area Mengla county of Xishuangbanna, Luo Shui Dong village
Puerh Type Beeng Cha (cake)
Style Raw (Sheng)
Weight 100g
Varietal Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica
Leaf Appearance 1 leaf to 1 bud ratio. stem retained. Olive green color
Quick Brewing Instructions Use the gongfu style. A small teapot (or small amount of water) with 3-4 g of tea and hot water: 95°C (203°F) infused for just 20 secs. Reinfuse at least 6 times.

Read more about Puerh Tea in Canton Tea School.

Season Aged

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