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Canton Raw: Jing Gu 2011

A rare 100g puerh cake, pressed on a family farm in the mountains of Yunnan.
This lovely pressed raw puerh cake is made entirely from white tips and the very large leaves of wild trees growing high in the mountains of Jing Gu county. Made only in small batches on the Liu family farm, these beeng cha will develop a fuller, more complex flavour over the next 20 years.

A gorgeous raw puerh, displaying the soft white tips picked from the broad leaf varietal of wild, native puerh trees.

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*Based on a 5g serving, infused 4 times

Canton Raw: Jing Gu 2011

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Young pu'erh with lots of potential


/ 5

This seems to me like a young raw pu'erh that should be kept for a while in a cool dry place and left to develop the subtle flavors specific to raw pu'erh. The leaves in the cake are rather loosely pressed which makes it easy to break and portion. Large leaves, very nice color and the cake smells nice and fresh. Brewed, the tea is not bad by any standard, but you quickly realise that some of the bitter notes will wear off and more of the scented and sweet notes will develop if you just give it time. If you buy a couple of these, you can brew a cup from time to time and observe how it's evolving. Should be an interesting experience.

Healthy Feeling


/ 5

This Puerh is great! I have it after a big meal and I noticed that sense doing so I feel a lot better through the day and have a lot less acid reflex than ever before. If you don't like strong tastes it can be brewed for less time and have a very light flavor or reverse, its all in the brew time. Mess with it and find your taste.

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Chinese Name 2011年秋天景谷阳塔
Factory Liu Family
Harvesting Area Jing Gu county of Simao, Yang Ta village
Style Raw (Sheng)
Weight 100g
Varietal Camellia Taliensis
Leaf Appearance White tippy and very large
Quick Brewing Instructions Use the gongfu style. A small teapot (or small amount of water) with 3-4 g of tea and hot water: 95°C (203°F) infused for just 20 secs. Reinfuse at least 6 times.

Read more about Puerh Tea in Canton Tea School.

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