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Canton Raw Puerh Collection

A very special gift for tea devotees - three beautiful, hand-made puerh cakes.
The Canton Single Mountain Raw Puerh Collection is a fabulous gift for the serious tea-lover. These hand-made, compressed puerh cakes take tea into a new dimension. They are ready to drink now or, like wine, can be stored and appreciated in years to come. The three beeng cha are wrapped in handmade bamboo paper.

Great Introduction To The World Of Puerh Tea. Canton customer, TeaLeigh

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Canton Raw Puerh Collection

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  • Canton Raw Puerh Single Mountain Puerh Collection
  • Canton Raw Puerh Single Mountain Puerh Collection
  • Canton Raw Puerh Single Mountain Puerh Collection

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Lovely Collection


/ 5

I bought this to keep in my office at work. The presentation box is a perfect way to store these teas, keeping them tidy; I have supplemented the cakes with the puerh pick and a Shen glass tea set and now have a lovely little tea area in the office. All the cakes offer satisfying multiple infusions. I do prefer some teas in this set to others, but collectively they are a beautifully presented, economical collection. This would make a lovely gift.

Canton Raw Puerh Collection

Great Introduction To The World Of Puerh Tea


/ 5

I ordered these just before Christmas as a present to myself!! They arrived the day after I ordered them on line superb service, so rare these days.
I wasn't sure about Puerh tea having tried this many years ago in the form of an unknown make off a Chinese supermarket shelf. Thought it was very poor and the taste wasn't good.
So here we are some years (many!!) later and I started to do some research into different teas from around the world. I drink pints of the stuff over the course of a day but was looking for something a little bit different.
I liked the idea of the small cakes and the fun of prising the tea apart appealed to my eccentric nature (you're allowed to become more eccentric as you get older, or so I'm told by my wife!!)
Well I've now tried them all and having brewed them Gong Fu style which seems the right way to brew this tea I can honestly say they are superb. Nothing like the tea I purchased many years ago. The initial tatste that hits your palette is the subtle taste of woodland, which then dissipates as you futher infuse the leaves into a mellow sweetness.
The teas are young but certainly not lacking in flavour and there are even more subtle differences between each of the cakes.
This would make a great and rather unusual present for a tea drinker, but to enjoy them as they should be they need to be brewed carefully not just thrown into a large teapot in the Britsih style of brewing tea otherwise all the magic that's contained in these cakes will be lost.
Now having purchased these small cakes and being rather a novice in the tea world it would be great if a further recommendation were to be made as to which one to try next.
Over to you Canton.
Many thanks

Canton Raw Puerh Collection
Rated 5/5 based on 2 reviews

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Includes 3 raw single mountain puerh cakes:

This raw puerh cake is made entirely of the 2012 first flush leaves from wild, high-growing tea trees that are up to 80 years old. The liquor has a bright, fresh aroma that, within a few years, will age gracefully into a cake with sweet orchid notes.

BU LANG 2011
This wonderful, traditional raw puerh cake is made from a ratio of one leaf to one bud. The resulting liquor has a warm, smooth mouthfeel with soft, sweet notes which will naturally mature. It comes from Jie Liang village in the Menghai county of Xishuangbanna, an area well known for its distinctive and outstanding puerh.

This exceptional and highly unusual raw puerh cake is made from a puerh tree with deep purple leaves that grows wild and high in the forests of Yunnan. The infused liquor is bright and floral, with a smooth, robust taste and a full mouthfeel.

Read Puerh aficionado and author of the Half Dipper tea blog, Hobbes's review of Canton's Raw Puerh Collection on the blog.

Style Raw (Sheng)
Quick Brewing Instructions Use the gongfu style. A small teapot (or small amount of water) with 3-4 g of tea and hot water: 95°C (203°F) infused for just 20 secs. Reinfuse at least 6 times.

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