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The Ultimate Christmas Tea Gift Guide

by on October 31st, 2017

We love Christmas, but present buying can become all too daunting. Luckily, tea is both versatile and extremely loveable, making it a great gift for anyone. We’ve written a guide on our favourite tea gifts this year, so you can nail that perfect present.



The Ultimate Tea Gift Guide



Stocking Fillers

Small, quirky gifts always work well in a stocking. These stocking stuffers are under £7, but promise to excite anyone on Christmas morning.


Taster Selection

Pyramid Cartons

Shen Glass Teacup

Bamboo Tea Strainer

Tea bowls




Ideal Gifts for Secret Santa

Stuck for ideas, and want to find a gift that’s easy? Whether it’s your best friend or a distant work colleague, we’re certain these tea goodies under £15 will make you the ultimate Secret Santa.


Easy Sleep Selection

Pair a pack of our high grade black tea, such as  Yunnan Gold Pearls with our small glass tea bowls and a silver measuring spoon.

Tea Tins

Afternoon Tea Selection

The Christmas Selection




Indulgent Gifts

Looking to really spoil someone this christmas? These are the ultimate decadent tea gifts, so charming your loved one will just gasp with delight.


Canton Collection

Discover Oolong Selection

Large Shen Glass Teapot

Explore China Bundle

Summer Limited Edition Collection



The Ultimate Christmas Tea Gift Guide



The Perfect Gift for Tea Connoisseurs

Chosen by our Head of Tea Ali, these are the best of the best tea gifts. Premium grade, truly authentic and always artisan, these gifts are sure to impress any tea connoisseur.


Autumn Limited Edition Collection

Explore Taiwan Bundle

 Dobashien Gyokuru Tin

1999 CNNP Old Tree Cooked Brick Puerh

Large Bamboo Tea Tray

Puerh Stand

Discover Green Tea Bundle




Our Favourite Gifts under £25

We love these tea gifts, so much so we just couldn’t leave them out. Not only are they excellent value for money, they’re fun, thoughtful and the teas are truly delicious.


Small Shen Glass Teapot and Tea Tin

Home Cocktail Selection

Spice of the Orient Bundle

Japanese teacups

Discover Black Tea Bundle

Puerh Starter Kit

Small Shen Glass Teapot and Loose Leaf Selection Box