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Introducing Canton Limited Edition

by on May 16th, 2017

I am so excited to introduce the Canton Tea Limited Edition range. Our curated mini collections showcasing the best of the tea seasons from all over the tea producing world. Direct sourced fresh from the garden: extreme artisan, premium grade, rare, wild or just bloody delicious (always bloody delicious).

The Spring Collection features extreme artisan teas from China and our Himalayan Heroes from Darjeeling and Nepal – handpicked and handmade in March and April 2017. The Summer collection which launches later in the year will showcase the best of island-grown teas – featuring emerald hued green teas from Japan, silky high mountain oolongs from Taiwan and even an extremely rare Hawaiian tea. From the autumn collection expect gorgeous, rich flavours – second flush black teas from India, roasted oolongs from China and an Oriental Beauty from the top producer in Taiwan.

The Spring 2017 teas have arrived with us directly from the tea gardens, and are being carefully hand packed in Somerset. To guarantee you taste the best tea of Spring 2017; you can order your tea now.

Extreme artisan teas from China, featuring…

Tai Ping Monkey King by Farmer Zhang Wenzhan

Hand-picked on 15th April 2017.

Batch size: 20 x 50g.

This rare green tea only made is only made in three villages in Anhui Province, China. Each of the astonishingly long leaves has been individually hand shaped before drying- making this an artisan tea in the extreme.

Highly sought after in China; we only have 1kg available for sale.

Order now.


Wild Mountain Dragon Well by Farmer Weng Xiao Jiao

Hand-picked on 12th April 2017.

Batch size: 60 x 50g.

This tea is a total labour of love for Farmer Weng Xiao Jiao. The leaves used to make this tea are picked from an abandoned tea field only accessible by foot. The pickers must make the three hour trek each way to bring the leaves down from the mountain.

This is the finest grade Dragon Well we have ever offered- a masterpiece.

Order now.


Yunnan Gold Needle by Farmer He Xun Lian

Hand-picked on 1st-8th April 2017.

Batch size: 60 x 50g.

Farmer He Xun Lian shows us how it’s done with his gorgeous Gold Needle tea. Just the downy buds have been hand selected and processed delicately with extreme skill and care.

As the tea has oxidised the silver down has turned a brilliant gold- and it tastes as good as it looks.

Order now.


Himalayan heroes from Darjeeling and Nepal, featuring….


Nepali Spring by the Jun Chiyabari Estate

Hand-picked on 7th April 2017.

Batch size: 160 x 50g.

This year we have selected another stunning, handmade tea from the pioneering Jun Chiyabari Estate in Nepal. Last year we had the deep, rich Nepali Himalayan Black, this year we have something at the opposite end of the spectrum which is delicate and sophisticated.

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First Flush Darjeeling by the Selimbong Estate

Hand-picked on 1st– 7th April 2017.

Batch size: 300 x 50g.

This is the first time we have brought in a tea from Selimbong and I can’t believe we have waited so long. The bio-dynamic estate has made this classic First Flush Darjeeling with an edge and we just love it.

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Peach Blossom White Darjeeling by the Glenburn Estate

Hand-picked on 22nd March 2017.

Batch size: 100 x 50g.

A luxurious white tea from our good friends at the Glenburn Estate- one of our longest standing partners. The team at Glenburn are constantly experimenting with new processing techniques. Released as a trial last year it has now become one of their permanent teas- of all of their teas this year, this one stood out.

Order now.


Still to come…

We still have three more spots to fill in this year’s spring collection and we have samples flying in from all over China. Expect a gorgeous Anji Bai Cha, Dan Cong Oolong and a rarified Yellow Tea. Watch this space.