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2012 Mu Ye Chun Raw Puerh

A fine young puerh - its sweet, smooth liquor will keep improving.
This fantastic young puerh is made from raw leaves picked early in the spring from wild trees growing high up in Yong De. Mu Ye Chen factory has been producing fine puerhs since 2006. Its cakes have been of a consistently excellent standard and this example is no different: the smooth, sweet liquor is wonderfully complex with a strong mouthfeel and thick texture.

Already good, it is a wonderfully fragrant young puerh and can only improve with age.

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£0.06 per serving

*Based on a 5g serving, infused 4 times

2012 Mu Ye Chun Raw Puerh

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  • 2012 Mu Ye Chun Raw Puerh
  • 2012 Mu Ye Chun Raw Puerh


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Chinese Name 木叶醇早春生饼
English Pronunciation moo yay chun
Country China
Year of Production 2012
Factory The Mu Ye Chun branch of the Mengku Tea Factory
Harvesting Area Yongde county, Lincang prefecture, Yunnan
Puerh Type Beeng Cha (cake)
Style Raw (Sheng)
Weight 400g
Varietal Assamica
Leaf Appearance Dark green and silver tippy
Aroma Cane sugar and camphor
Tasting Notes Golden yellow, with a good bitterness and sweet after-taste
Quick Brewing Instructions Use a yixing (zisha) teapot or gaiwan. 3-5g of tea per 140ml boiling water: 95°C (203°F) Wash tea briefly then make several 10-15 seconds infusions.

Read more about Puerh Tea in Canton Tea School.

Puerh Vintage 2008 to date

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