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2007 Lincang Loose Puerh

An easy-drinking, everyday puerh tea made in Yunnan in 2007.
This easy-drinking loose puerh (ie not compressed into a cake, nest or brick etc) is from a small factory in Lincang, Yunnan, the home of puerh tea. Its earthy aromas and sweet aftertaste make it a perfect everyday puerh tea. Made in 2007, it has already mellowed slightly, but there's still plenty of potential for it to mature and develop in taste for up to 20 years.

During production a cooked or ripe puerh undergoes an extra step involving heat, to speed up the fermentation of the leaves and mimic the ageing process. The flavour is vegetal, woody, mellow with a sweet aftertaste.

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*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice

2007 Lincang Loose Puerh

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Comforting and Delicious


/ 5

It is comforting and delicious, and I cannot stop drinking it.

Sweet, earthy and strangely addictive


/ 5

I have only recently begun exploring puerh. Took a little getting used to after the green and oolong teas I usually enjoy, but I soon found it strangely addictive and have been drinking it regularly. This is sweet, warming and comforting with lots of earthy notes. I prefer to discard the first brew and find the second to fourth brews fullest and most rounded in flavour. It begins to fade after the sixth!

A True Earthy Puerh


/ 5

I bought 50gms to try liked it so much added another 50gms. A truly fine example of a loose Puerh which matches up to some of the more aged Puerh teas I've tried.

Initially you get that brillant earthy almost mushroom taste just like you've breathed in the aroma from a damp forest floor, which to me is the essence of how a Puerh should be.

The brews are strong and I can usually get between 10 and 15 infusions out of this tea is brewed GongFu style.

After the first couple of infusions the taste subtly starts to change into a really mellow sweet taste with that earthy flavour still hinted at at the front of the palette.

I drink this as my first cup of the morning to jump start this old body for the day ahead. I'm also now firmly convinced that there is an addictive quality when drinking the right Puerhs which seems to be lacking in certain other teas. I know that people make comparisons between aged Puerhs and fine wines but I think a better analogy would be to compare these teas to single malt whiskeys.

I know some purists would perhaps never drink loose Puerh but loose is easier to get to the teapot and I think this tea is hard to beat on value for money and taste.

An eye opener into a great new experience in teas


/ 5

Unlike Dee I can't say I have tried expensive aged Puerh teas. This was my introcuction to the type. I cant help but thinking of it as the anithesis of a subtle green or lightly oxidised oolong. First impression on brewing is of a deep orange liquor, smelling of woodland in the rain. Flavours of mushroom too - but balanced by sweetness, which comes through as the earthy flavours dimish with sucessive infusions. Carries quite a punch, so a good alternative to a cup of 'builders' tea to get you going in the morning. I have since tried some older pressed puer teas - quite honestly I preferred this one. I get the impression that there is a vast difference in the quality of perh teas out there, and you need to find a supplier you can trust. Canton fit that bill for me. .

An Earthy aroma with a sweet after taste


/ 5

I have had many Pu erh teas which vary in terms of their age and also price I consider Pu erh tea along
With green teas amongst my favourites.

I have tasted Pu erh takes costing several hundred pounds and those which cost far less, I believe that
Pu erh tea is a study in time and patience which brings about its own rewards.For like red wine it is time which ages the tea and produces the liquor which makes this tea unique.

A Pu erh such as the Lincang can be appreciated now it. has a beautiful yellow liquor which has a earthy
Aroma and a sweet but delicate aftertaste.

If you wanted an introduction to Puerh then look no further as this is as good as any. I generally as a rule
do not like cooked Puerh teas as they have a heavy aftertaste but this has made me reassess my opinion.
In my opinion Canton have once agin raised the bar for imagine this tea in five, ten or even fifteen years what
Hues and complexities will the liquor produce.

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Chinese Name 临沧三级普洱
Factory Lin Cang Tea Factory
Harvesting Area Mengku town, Lincang, Yunnan
Puerh Type Loose
Style Cooked (Shou)
Leaf Appearance Grade 3 leaves
Aroma Earthy and peaty
Tasting Notes Earthy and mellow with a sweet, thick aftertaste
Quick Brewing Instructions Use a small teapot. 3-5g of tea per 140ml water: 95°C. Wash tea briefly then 10-15 seconds infusions.

Read more about Puerh Tea in Canton Tea School.

Puerh Vintage 2004 to 2008
Season Aged

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