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2005 Xia Guan cooked Tuo cha

This superior "Little French" cooked puerh is delicious and affordable.
This gem of a tea offers the superior flavour of well-made puerh with an affordable price tag. The blend of cooked leaves for this tuo cha (nest) was originally created in the 1980s for the French puerh market. It is known colloquially as "Little French". Over seven years' storage in the humid climate of Guangxi has made this puerh tea wonderfully smooth and easy-drinking.

This is the tea I drink for breakfast every day. Canton customer Val

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*Based on a 5g serving, infused 4 times

2005 Xia Guan cooked Tuo cha

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  • 2005 Xia Guan cooked Tuo cha
  • 2005 Xia Guan cooked Tuo cha
  • 2005 Xia Guan cooked Tuo cha

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smoooooth and mellow and satisfying and refreshing...


/ 5

This tea is great. You can't really go wrong if you like a mellow, earthy cooked Puerh

My favourite tea


/ 5

This is the tea I drink for breakfast every day. I was so pleased to find it here as I was running low on stock - the four boxes I bought about 4 years ago are almost gone and the previous stockist had no more. You've saved the day! It's just a wonderful drink and a complete contrast to the uncooked pu erh. Thank you for stocking it!

Satisfying and energising everyday cuppa.


/ 5

This tuo is well made, and contains large leaves and some stem. It unpicks easily when you get the nack (from the top, not the rim) so that the leaves don't break up too much. A small amount of leaves then makes a dark, rich and powerful brew, with 4-5 infusions easily possible before it begins to run out of steam. Earthy aromas are there, but not as pronounced as the Lincang loose cooked puerh. It has, however, a little more astringency, balanced by deep sweetness, which makes it very refreshing and satisfying. It also has a more refreshing and long lasting aftertaste and 'mouthfeel'. Is it good value? Well yes - a little goes a long way and it is very enjoyable. I will probably use it often in the mornings when I need perking up. If you are feeling short of cash though, go for the lincang loose puerh if it is available, as it is remarkable VFM.

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Chinese Name 下关销法沱茶
English Pronunciation tsia gwan "tsia far too-oh" too-oh char
Year of Production 2005
Factory Xiaguan Tea Factory
Harvesting Area Baoshan, Lincang, Simao, Yunnan
Puerh Type Tuo Cha (nest)
Style Cooked (Shou)
Weight 100g
Varietal Assamica
Aroma Dried dates
Liquor Burgundy and clear
Quick Brewing Instructions Use a yixing (zisha) teapot or gaiwan. 3-5g of tea per 140ml boiling water: 95°C (203°F) Wash tea briefly then make several 10-15 seconds infusions.

Read more about Puerh Tea in Canton Tea School.

Puerh Vintage 2004 to 2008
Season Aged

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